About Converge North Central

Converge North Central (formerly the Minnesota Iowa Baptist Conference) is a dynamic network of 248 churches. Our immigrant Swedish roots give us a foundation of 155 years of ministry in the Midwest. Yet our evangelical passion, biblical theology and contemporary worship styles have made our churches an attractive option for families looking for something solid, yet something exciting.

Our outreach is to those who have no church home. Many in Minnesota and Iowa are disillusioned with religion. They have felt the sting of legalism with its impossible demands. Some have seen hypocrisy. Others have had no religious background and therefore see Christianity as irrelevant. The missing element has been healthy relationships with mature believers in Jesus.

The character and values of Converge North Central may best be understood by:
  • Our churches are multi-generation but are growing through their attractiveness to young families.
  • Our theology is biblically conservative but without edginess and suspiciousness of fundamentalism.
  • We are diverse in the distinctive expressions of God’s work in our world, with congregations that are teaching-centered, grace-based, spirit-filled, seeker sensitive, purpose driven and those that are oriented to justice and reconciliation.

Stated more formally:
CNC is a fellowship of churches whose theology is biblically evangelical; whose character is multi-ethnic; whose spirit is positive and affirmative; whose purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission through evangelism, discipleship and church planting; and whose people celebrate openness and freedom in the context of Christ’s lordship.

(From the Baptist General Conference Identity Statement)