Church Strengthening

Converge exists to strengthen churches, as well as start them. We know that a church can only be as healthy as its leaders. We have a team dedicated to changing lives through stronger churches by coaching, assessing and networking with pastors.

From established churches to church plants, we have master coaches throughout our movement to help assess what God’s vision is for you and your church. Whether you’re stuck, or looking for your next step, we have a coach who can help take you to the next level. Dr. Bruce Hopler, director of Church Strengthening, works with Converge North Central to help pastors:

  • Know who they are, and who they aren’t.

  • Craft a vision around God’s unique calling for your church.

  • Develop strategic and healthy systems.

  • Raise up healthy leaders in your own church.

If you want to strengthen your church, email to get started.


  • 2 Pine Tree Dr., Suite 510
  • Arden Hills, MN 55112