Epiphany Station (Thief River Falls, MN) – Discipleship Pastor(Staff)
Purpose: Equip leaders to make devoted disciples at Epiphany Station.
Requirements: (Character/ Attitude/ Strengths & Gifts)
● Attitude
 Fully aligned to mission, vision, and code of Epiphany Station
 Committed Christ follower who is humble and teachable
 Passionate to lead and develop others
 Outsiders in Mind
● Character
 Integrity and consistency in actions and words
● Strengths
 Able to recruit and see potential leadership in others
 Operations experience (in business or ministry)
 Leader with high relational and influencer strengths, problem solver, ability to help implement change
 Able to teach and relay information in a way that is relevant and engaging
 Preferred Spiritual Gifts: wisdom, teaching, leadership, administration, pastor, exhortation

Staff Responsibilities: (Skills/ Passions)
1. Craft and Cast the Vision for making devoted disciples throughout Epiphany Station.
2. Create a systemized spiritual growth pathway that develops disciples in their love for God and their love for People.
3. Recruit and develop new Ministry Coaches to better accomplish our Discipleship Ministry goals.
4. Invest into the leadership of the Discipleship Ministry Coaches
- NextGen
- Small Group Discipleship
- Development Classes
- Recovery
- Pastoral Care
- Mending the Soul
5. Improve and Innovate ways to lead epiphany station in its broader mission and vision

Staff Expectations:
1. Accountable to: Lead Pastor
2. 50 hours per week.
- 40 hours of epiphany station duties
- 10 hours of spiritual discipline and development expected
▪ Personal time with God
▪ Peer Accountability
▪ Biblical Friendships (personal + family)

Staff Compensations:

● Appropriate salary + expense and education budgets.
● 30 days paid vacation

Contact Matty Towse at to apply


  • 2 Pine Tree Dr., Suite 510
  • Arden Hills, MN 55112