Ridgewood Church
Executive Assistant

Ridgewood Church, a vital and growing congregation in Minnetonka, is searching for a part-time executive assistant that will serve the Senior Pastor and Director of Operations. Candidates will possess the qualifications to execute the job description listed below. Interested parties can contact Angela at Ridgewood Church by email only at

Job Title: Executive Assistant
Job Status: Part-Time
Direct Reporting To: Senior Pastor

General Job Description: The Executive Assistant will assist the Senior Pastor and Director of Operations in order to support ministry activity and help Ridgewood Church accomplish its vision to Make Jesus Known through Community Impact.

Duties and Responsibilities:
a. To provide administrative assistance to Senior Pastor and Director of Operations, which will include scheduling appointments, helping each to maintain proper communication between each other, and with the congregation.
b. To assist in the scheduling and execution of baptisms, membership classes (while maintaining a list of members), and other church-wide activities that include the Senior Pastor.
c. To help the Senior Pastor maintain a loving contact with congregants, while enhancing his reputation with individuals that need a special touch.
d. To provide administrative support for the Director of Operations that will largely involve providing clarity on tasks and the execution of tasks.
e. To work alongside other administration assistants as a God-driven team member.
f. To assist the Senior Pastor in developing ministry systems that support a growing staff and that take Ridgewood where God wants her to go.

Work Hours and Compensation:
The Executive Assistant will receive compensation based on qualifications and experience.


  • 2 Pine Tree Dr., Suite 510
  • Arden Hills, MN 55112