Job Opportunity: Executive Director READ Ministries, Cambridge, MN

Position Overview
Executive Director – READ Ministries

The Executive Director serves as the chief officer of READ Ministries and is responsible for all administrative activities of the organization including, but not limited to, liaison with individual ministry supporters, organizations and churches. This person is responsible for all fund-raising activities and has a primary responsibility for liaison with READ’s overseas partners and coordinates with them and the READ board on initiation and implementation of new projects. This position requires some overseas travel.

Interested candidates should go to the READ website and fill out the pre-application questionnaire.


READ Ministries office: 763-552-0652



A. Focus: Accomplish the vision and goals of READ Ministries by serving as the Executive Director and liaison between READ Ministries and its ministry partners.

B. Qualifications:
Personal Character
1. Demonstrates a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced in daily life.
2. An excellent communicator, able to effectively share the vision and mission of READ with supporting individuals and churches.
3. Reflects the heart of a spiritual and servant leader.
4. Exhibits personal qualities marked by integrity and unquestionable honesty.
5. Earnestly seeks God’s will above all other possible motivations.
6. Exhibits emotional health and maturity, is willing to acknowledge limitations and depends upon God each day for His grace.
7. Possesses a spirit of collaboration and fellowship.
8. Demonstrates a passionate, heartfelt love for people who need Jesus and Christians who live in the former Soviet Union and its republics.
9. Exhibits Christ’s love by developing positive and encouraging relationships within the church body.
10. Is called to this role with spiritual gifts of leadership, teaching, and the ability to serve in a foreign context.
11. Committed to the vision, mission, values, Statement of Faith, and Constitution of READ Ministries.

Education and Experience
1. Ordination or ministerial license preferred.
2. Seminary degree or higher preferred.
3. Demonstrated experience in preaching, teaching, leadership and supervision of staff.
4. Potential to be highly respected within the foreign church leadership of the former Soviet Union with the necessary pastoral gifts to serve both foreign and U.S. churches.
5. Committed to an evangelical theological perspective.
6. Able to function within the hierarchical, complementarian orientation of our former Soviet Union partnering churches.
7. Preferably able to communicate in or willing to learn either Russian or Ukrainian.

C. Responsibilities:
Within North America:
1. Serves in the capacity of a CEO and supervises and manages all employees of READ Ministries.
2. Communicate with the Board of Directors how we might best execute our vision in a way that maximizes available gifts and resources.
3. Accomplish a vision for READ Ministries in cooperation with foreign partners and the Board of Directors.
4. Assist in the development of individual and church-based financial and prayer support for the ministry.
5. Prepare and deliver presentations to inform and develop such support base.
6. Assist the office staff in identification and communications with foundations, etc. This may require grant writing and instruction in the grant-writing process.
7. Assist the Board of Directors in the development of a budget for projects that reflects the annual goals of READ Ministries.
8. Formulate and direct a communication process with appropriate tools to expand the message of READ Ministries.

With Foreign Partners:
1. Facilitate the communication between READ Ministries and all of its foreign ministry partners.
2. Serve our foreign ministry partners by the development of possible future projects in keeping with the vision and goals of our ministry.
3. Coordinate the distribution of funds in order to execute approved projects.
4. Represent READ Ministries at foreign ministry partner functions as deemed appropriate by the Board.

D. Relationships:
1. Reports to the Board of Directors for encouragement, accountability, support, and communication of ministry progress and objectives.
2. Submits to the Board of Directors for an annual performance evaluation.
3. Functions as an advisory, non-voting member of the Board of Directors.
4. Meets with current and potential financial supporters.


  • 2 Pine Tree Dr., Suite 510
  • Arden Hills, MN 55112